Mission Statement

DSAYBL is committed to:

Valuing every member in the league and to encourage a lifelong love and interest for basketball.

Teaching youth important character traits such as discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Providing professional expertise in the training of fundamental basketball skills to youth.

Dream Sport Academy has been a leader in providing comprehensive youth basketball programs in Hong Kong for several years. This includes after school programs and youth teams. Teams are coached by well trained, former professional and semi professional basketball players. Basketball teams from DSA have competed both locally and internationally with excellent results. The DSAYBL will provide the youth of Hong Kong an opportunity to further develop good character traits and basketball skills. The league is open for both Boys and Girls Divisions (D10, D12, D14 & D16 and under). DSAYBL is operating into two seasons - Season 1: Mid- February to end of March (Post-season). Season 2: Mid- September to end of October (Pre-season).



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